Medical Installations

Body-protected electrical areas and Cardiac-protected electrical areas.

Electrical Inspectorate provides you with all your inspections, certifications, consultations and support to enhance your business or facility.

Medical centres, Doctors clinics, Dental surgeries, Hospitals, Clinics and the Medical, Health care and Aged care industries.

Assisting and working with you to meet your legal and compliance needs and requirements.

We work with you to provide electrical inspection, testing, consulting, design services and annual scheduled testing for certifications and compliance.

Predictive and preventive maintenance programs, installation and maintenance services and total facilities management services for all types of medical centres and facilities to provide hassle free and complication free services of the highest quality and standards.

Electrical Inspectorate are licensed electrical inspectors and consultants working with medical centre management teams, registered electrical contractors and electricians, builders, consultants, engineers and architects.

We provide medical electrical inspection, compliance and installation services to commercial properties and premises across Melbourne and Victoria for the Medical, Health care and Aged care facilities and industries.

  • Body-protected electrical areas and installations.
  • Cardiac-protected electrical areas and installations.
  • Inspection, certification and testing services for medical installations and facilities.
  • Medical safety switch testing (Leakage protective device, LPD’s).
  • Safety switch testing (Residual current device, RCD’s).
  • Electrical equipment test and tag.
  • Electrical and medical installation testing.
  • Medical facilities electrical wiring for new installations.
  • Inspection, design and consultation services for registered electrical contractors and electricians.
  • Scheduled and predictive maintenance and certification programs.
  • Annual testing and inspection services.
  • Total facility management and compliance services.
  • Inspections and testing of new installations, alterations or repairs to existing electrical installations.

Annual twelve-monthly inspections, assessments, certifications and compliance to meet stringent safety and legal requirements for medical installations and the medical industry, health care and aged care facilities.

We provide total facility management services to enhance the operation of your facility and enable convenient and hassle-free testing and maintenance services. These services are conducted by licensed electrical inspectors, registered electrical contractors, electricians, biomedical engineers and technicians.

Body-protected and Cardiac-protected electrical areas

Medical installations inspections, certifications and consultations.

Medical centres and facilities are classed as Body-protected electrical areas and Cardiac-protected electrical areas installations and as such these areas need to comply with the rules, requirements and standards for Medical installations and testing.

  • Consulting, inspecting and testing services for medical installations and equipment.
  • Electrical installation services for all types of medical centres and facilities.
  • New installations or annual scheduled and predictive maintenance and certification programs.
  • We provide tailored and specific electrical solutions and services for total facility management and compliance for all types of installations, businesses and personnel.

Some of the Standards and Regulation requirements that need to be adhered to are below and we can assist you with these:

  • AS/NZS 3003:2018 Electrical installations – Patient areas.
  • AS/NZS 3003:2011 Electrical installations – Patient areas (superseded).
  • AS/NZS 2500:2004 Guide to safe use of electricity in patient care.
  • AS/NZS 3760:2010 In-service safety inspection and testing of electrical equipment.
  • The medical equipment must comply with all the standards for safe use, testing, certification and calibration requirements for each piece of equipment.
  • The testing and verification requirements of AS/NZS 3017:2007 Electrical installations – verification guidelines.
  • The electrical installation needs to comply with AS/NZS 3000:2018 Electrical Installations, “Wiring Rules”.

There are also building codes and regulations that each premises and facility needs to adhere to and there may also be insurance and or medical association requirements that may need to be met for your centres compliance needs.

Types of installations

These installations below are all classed as Body-protected electrical areas and Cardiac-protected electrical areas and as such require special considerations in regarding installation wiring, methods of protection, inspection and testing requirements.

  • Doctors consulting rooms, Patients treatment areas, General medical and surgical wards, Dental surgeries and clinics, Treatment rooms, Plaster room, Stress test rooms, Sleep centres and consulting suites, Hospitals, Psychiatric hospitals, High dependency wards, Nursing homes, Patient ensuites, Patient shower rooms and toilets.
  • Accident and emergency wards for both body-protected and cardiac-protected areas, Resuscitation bays, Patient examination rooms in outpatient facilities, Day procedure theatres, Endoscopy theatres and procedure rooms, Operating theatres intended for non-cardiac surgery, Recovery areas or wards associated with operating theatres and imaging rooms, Ultra sound rooms, Delivery suites and nurseries.
  • Blood collection areas and plasmapheresis areas, Respiratory function laboratories, Chiropractic and physiotherapy treatment rooms and all other areas intended for body type procedures.
  • Cardiac catheter laboratories and control rooms, Cardiac ICU, CCU, ICU with regular thermodilution Swann-Ganz monitoring, Neo natal ICU, Operating theatres for cardiac and thoracic surgery.

If you have one of these types or similar areas within your Medical, Health care or Aged care facility, please contact us for assistance with the services and total facility management solutions that we can provide you and work with you on.

We conduct assessments and provide comprehensive reports and analysis for all types of centres and facilities for medical installations and electrical systems and services.


We provide services designed to complement small, medium and large facilities to enable a comprehensive and structured approach to meet all their compliance, testing, maintenance and emergency needs and requirements.

We provide our customers and clients with electrical systems and services, tailored electrical solutions and total facilities management and compliance services for the Medical, Health care and Aged care industries and facilities across Melbourne and throughout Victoria.

  • All your electrical inspections, consultations, design, compliance, certifications.
  • Electrical installation and maintenance services.
  • Annual inspections, testing and compliance certifications.
  • Total facility management services.
  • Body-protected electrical inspections.
  • Cardiac-protected electrical inspections.
  • Electrical Inspectorate provides you with the support and assistance to meet all your operational and compliance requirements for every business and facility.

Electrical services for Medical centres, Doctors Clinics, Dental surgeries, Hospitals, Clinics and the Medical, Health care and Aged care industries and facilities.

  • Electrical Inspectorate Pty. Ltd. are a licensed electrical inspection company (licence number 600 680).
  • We are also licensed registered electrical contractors (13231), licensed electricians and licensed data communications specialists.
  • We work with you to provide you with all your Medical centre and facilities needs and requirements to provide you with a total facility management and compliance service.