About Us

Electrical Inspectorate

Providing quality electrical inspections, consultations and specialist investigations across Melbourne and throughout Victoria.

We assist the electrical industry with safety, compliance and workmanship.

Electrical Inspectorate Pty. Ltd. is an independent Australian owned company that are based in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, which makes us able to geographically cover all of Melbourne and most of Victoria.

We have highly skilled, professional and experienced personnel in all areas of our work and businesses to work with you.

  • Electrical Inspectorate is an electrical inspection company providing electrical installation inspection services, independent consultations, medical facilities Body-protected and Cardiac-protected electrical areas inspections and support, tailored electrical solutions for facility management, assessments, report, audits and specialized electrical investigation services.

We work with and deliver our services to a diverse range of clientele including industry, businesses, registered electrical contractors, electricians, private clients, electrical companies, consultants, builders, developers, engineers, the medical and health care industries, insurance companies and home owners.

Our inspection company was established well over thirteen years ago, due to the State Electricity Commission of Victoria (SECV) becoming privatized and thank you to all of our clients and customers over this time for making us such a successful and sort after company.

We are electrical inspectors with the acquired knowledge, training and long-term experiences, industry connections and exposure to all types of work, businesses, installations and premises to assist you with all your needs and requirements and work with you in a fully comprehensive and committed way.

Existing clients and customers, please call us directly or send us an email. We are currently not taking on any new clientele, except for circumstances, such as referrals from existing clients.

Electrical inspections

As electrical inspectors, we are all about electrical installations, safety and compliance.

We work with electrical companies (Registered electrical contractors) electricians and others to achieve the best results and highest quality and standards of workmanship and compliance.

We have a licensed electrical inspector (LEI) to provide inspections and consultations for electrical installations of all types and sizes while conducting all the mandatory electrical testing, inspecting and verification requirements for all types of installations and prescribed electrical inspections.

  • We conduct electrical inspection services from domestic switchboards to large multiple occupancy buildings, factories and medical facilities.
  • Generators, UPS’s and solar UPS systems and emergency electrical power supplies.
  • Large solar and off grid systems electrical inspections, installation services and support.
  • Medical electrical installation inspections and verification’s for Body-protected and Cardiac-protected electrical areas.
  • Professional consultations to provide you with all the expert assistance and advice that you may further need or require.

All our licensed electrical inspectors have numerous trade licences and accreditation’s that enables them to utilize further knowledge and experiences.

We provide in house medical inspection services conducted by a licensed M class (Medical installations) electrical inspector for inspections for compliance, certifications and verification’s.

  • Through our extensive and specialized training, qualifications and experience we provide specialized investigation services into all areas and aspects of electrical installations, faults, electrical fires, fires and fire scenes and explosion investigations, electrical installation audits, reports, assessments and work place investigations for various reasons and clientele depending on their individual circumstances, needs and requirements.

We are members of the International Association of Arson Investigators (IAAI) and National Association of Fire Investigators (NAFI) and members of the Institute of Electrical Inspectors (IEI) and The National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA).

Our company and all of our licensed electrical inspectors (LEI’s) are licensed by Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) and are suitably insured and adhere to safe and sound best work practices.

CML Industries

“Warning Solar DC” Labelling tape.
We provided our patent pending and first to market “Warning Solar DC” labeling tape for the solar electrical industry in Australia.

Safety is at the forefront of everything we do at CML Industries Pty. Ltd. and Electrical Inspectorate Pty. Ltd. and through our innovative products for the solar electrical and electrical industries, we were able to do this. We had several ranges and types of tapes for the solar electrical industry and also a labeling tape for the electrical industry. Our tapes have been used extensively across all states and territories across Australia since we bought them to market back in January 2010.

CML Industries are an up to date progressive and innovative company that specializes in new products and sales to market. Please contact us for further information or if you would like some assistance with your ideas from our company.

Medical Inspections and Certifications

Medical centres, Dental surgeries, Hospitals, Clinics and the Medical, Health care and Aged care industries.

Electrical Inspectorate provides a total solution for medical facility management services from inspections, annual testing, assessments, designs, certifications, compliance, maintenance, installations and repairs for all types of Medical centres and Health care facilities.

  • Body-protected electrical areas.
  • Cardiac-protected electrical areas.
  • Electrical inspecting, testing and installation services.
  • Scheduled and predictive maintenance and compliance programs.
  • Medical electrical equipment and Medical electrical installation testing.
  • Facility management and certification services.
  • Inspections, consultations and design services.
  • Annual testing and verification’s.

These services are conducted by licensed electrical inspectors, registered electrical contractors and electricians and work with you to provide the best possible service to meet your needs.

This means that all areas and aspects of your electrical installation and facility, can be met by our licensed electrical inspectors for electrical inspection and consultation services or installation and maintenance services conducted by our partnered electricians quickly and in cost-effective ways.

  • We provide these services to the commercial industry and sector for Medical centres, Doctors clinics, Dental surgeries, Hospitals, Clinics and the Medical, Health care and Aged care industries and facilities.
  • Inspections, testing, verification’s, certifications, tailored electrical solutions and installations services, electrical systems and services, annual scheduled and predictive maintenance programs, consultations and support for all types of medical electrical installations and Body-protected and Cardiac-protected electrical areas.