Electrical inspectors, consultants and specialist investigators

Providing quality electrical inspections, consultations and specialist investigations in Melbourne and throughout Victoria.

We have an electrical inspector and consultant to provide a prompt, reliable and professional service for all your needs and requirements.

We conduct electrical inspections, testing services, professional consultations, tailored electrical solutions, and electrical investigation services for all types of properties including homes, buildings, factories and Medical centres, to enable you to conduct and enhance your business and work.

We develop a successful partnership with all our clients and customers by delivering personal and experienced services through occupational health and safety, inspecting and compliance services for electrical installations across Melbourne and throughout Victoria.

Through providing specialist inspections and services, we are able to further enhance your businesses productivity and by combining your expertise and knowledge with ours, we are able to enhance your business services, procedures and practices.

Medical installations and facilities body-protected electrical areas and cardiac-protected electrical areas inspections, consultations, installation services, annual testing and auditing services.


Inspections for all types of premises

Inspection services for electrical installations covering a vast array of different types and complex properties.
Residential properties to Commercial and Industrial premises, we deal with them all.

  • We test, inspect and verify all types of properties including homes, units, flats, shops, offices, medical centres, hospitals, factories, hotels, high rise buildings, building sites and all types of work places to make sure that the electrical installation is safe and complies with all Australian standards and requirements.

As an electrical inspection company, we conduct inspection services on electrical installations of all types and sizes in Melbourne and throughout Victoria.

Electrical Inspections

We provide inspection services to ensure ongoing electrical safety and compliance for every client and property.

  • Specialized testing, inspecting and verification’s services for electrical installations.

We conduct all the mandatory and required tests to meet Australian standards, Acts, Codes, Requirements and Legislation for all types of electrical installations.

We provide testing services for electrical contractors and electricians to meet their testing requirements after the completion of new installation work on building sites and larger developments.

Professional Consultation

We offer a helpful approach and aid with all of our clients and customers with their electrical projects and installations.

  • Consultancy and advice services for electrical contractors, electricians, businesses, builders, engineers, consultants, home owners and others to assist when extra expertise and experience is required for their electrical installation project.

We can assist by providing consulting from the design stage and specifications of the electrical switchboard, maximum demand, voltage drop and fault loop impedance calculations or consultations and advice throughout the entire job.

Testing, Inspecting & Verifications

We test, inspect and verify a vast array of different types of properties and complex electrical installations from residential to commercial and industrial premises throughout Melbourne and Victoria.

  • We conduct all the mandatory tests and checks while working closely and openly with all our valued clients and customers.
  • This enables us to establish a great working relationship and provide an excellent close and honest service for all.

Tests and inspections are conducted on all types of properties and electrical installations to check for safety and compliance by one of our licensed electrical inspectors.


Electrical inspections of generators and change over switches connected to electrical installations.

  • Generators for emergency power interruptions and faults.
  • Standby and backup power systems.
  • Temporary electrical supplies.
  • Supplies for shows, carnivals, events or site sheds.
  • Emergency generators to get the electrical supply reconnected to your premises or installation.


We provide an electrical investigation service for electrical installations when there is a need to inquire, investigate or report on:

  • Electrical systems and services.
  • Electrical assessments and compliance reports.
  • Electrical incidents, damages and faults.
  • Electric shocks and electrocution investigations.
  • Electrical fire investigations and assessments.
  • Fire scene investigations.
  • Work place investigations.
  • Non-compliance audits and investigations.

Medical electrical inspections

Electrical inspections, testing, consultations, design services, compliance and verification services for electrical installations in Medical Centres, Doctors clinics, Dental surgeries and the Medical, Health care and Aged care industries.

  • Body-protected electrical areas.
  • Cardiac-protected electrical areas.
  • Electrical inspections, consultations and support.
  • New facilities, alterations, additions and repairs to existing premises.
  • Scheduled and predictive maintenance and compliance programs.
  • Annual electrical inspections, certification’s, assessments and reports to meet stringent safety and legal requirements for medical electrical installations.

You may require some assistance with information for compliance or complete facility management programs and a total electrical solution for all your property.

Your premises may be a large or small facility and only consist of one Body-protected area or several areas. It may not have a Cardiac-protected area or could be a Hospital with several Cardiac-protected electrical areas but we are able to meet all of your needs and requirements.

Emergency Inspections

After hours emergency inspections are available to ensure the electrical supply to your property any hour of the day or night.

  • We provide a prompt and efficient emergency inspection service when you really need the electrical installation tested and inspected to enable the electrical supply to be reconnected.

Inspections for all types of premises

Inspection services for electrical installations covering a vast array of different types and complex properties.
Industrial properties to commercial and residential premises, we deal with them all.

Testing, inspecting and verifications

An electrical inspector ensures the electrical installation is safe and complies with all Australian standards, codes and requirements for each client and property.
All types of mandatory and safety tests are conducted.

Professional consultations

We provide consultations, independent advice, assistance with job specifications and design services, electrical assessments and reports. Energy efficiency solutions for electricians, home owners, businesses and industry.

Electrical inspections

Electrical inspections for all types of properties, businesses, offices, homes, medical centres, factories, high rise buildings, building sites and work places.
All types of prescribed and non-prescribed inspections and support provided by our electrical inspectors.


Electrical inspection services for generators and change over switches connected to an installation for standby and backup power supplies. Inspections for fault rectification work for an emergency temporary generator supply after power interruptions.


Electrical systems and services investigations and reports. Faults, damages, electrical incidents, electric shocks or electrocution investigations. Work place and OHS investigations and non-compliance audits and investigations.

Emergency inspections

After hours emergency inspections are available to ensure the electrical supply to your property any hour of the day or night.

Medical inspections

Medical Centres, Dental Surgeries and Hospitals.
We test and inspect both body-protected and cardiac-protected electrical areas. Inspections of new work, alterations and repairs to existing electrical installations.
Scheduled and predictive maintenance programs.


Medical electrical installations and facilities

Medical electrical area testing.
Body-protected electrical areas testing and inspecting.
Cardiac-protected electrical areas inspections and consulting.

Body-protected electrical area and cardiac-protected electrical area inspections, testing, consultations, verification’s, certifications, assessments, audits and reports for Medical centres and clinics, Doctors and Dental surgeries, Hospitals and for all types of Medical, Health care and Aged care industries and facilities.

Twelve-monthly annual scheduled compliance testing and predictive maintenance programs, consultations and support for all types of Medical facilities and the Health care industry to meet the legal requirements and certifications of your facility.

Electrical Inspectorate provides licensed electrical inspectors to conduct all types of electrical testing, inspection services, consultations and provide an enhanced professional asset to your company, for all parts and aspects of your facility and industry.