Solar Systems and Energy Efficiency Solutions

Specialists in solar electrical inspections, audits and support

The team at Electrical Inspectorate provides you with all your requirements for large solar systems for electrical inspections, consultations, installations and support.

We conduct testing, inspecting, consultations and audits for electricians, electrical contractors, industry and businesses throughout Melbourne and Victoria.

We have an electrical inspector to provide all the assistance you may require and our licensed electrical inspectors are also licensed electricians through Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) and have solar grid design and connect accreditation from the Clean Energy Council of Australia (CEC).

We provide inspection and consultation services for large systems involving

  • Solar systems
  • Solar electrical PV array installations
  • Solar electrical micro inverter systems
  • Hybrid grid connected battery systems
  • Off grid stand-alone electrical installations
  • Remote area power supplies
  • All types of battery systems
  • Standby and backup electrical supplies from Solar, UPS’s and Generators
  • Wind turbines and hydro power systems
  • Electrical fuel cell installations
  • Solar audits and reports

Through our work exposure and experiences, we have been able to be involved in new and interesting projects in a broad range of dynamic and exciting industries and evolving technologies.

We have conducted thousands of inspections for work on domestic solar systems on houses, large buildings electrical generation systems and ground mounted solar systems in paddocks for stand-alone systems so we have the experience with all types and sizes of installations.

We predominantly now concentrate on larger systems, hybrid battery systems and off-grid stand alone solar systems and provide inspections, consultations audits and support.

Customers with large existing grid connected solar systems

We aid existing solar system owners of commercial and industrial sized photovoltaic solar array systems with independent onsite consultations, advice, testing, inspection and audit services for correct operation and compliance.

  • We provide advice and assistance to customers to explain the electrical power amounts that their solar system is producing, how it’s performing and if it is operating correctly, efficiently and at optimal generating performance.
  • Assistance with understanding electricity bills and financial savings that you are making.
  • Advice and assistance to get your solar system connected to your electricity account to become a solar customer with your retailer for if they couldn’t when the system was originally installed.
  • Only an informed customer can make good judgments on the future of their installation and if there should be any fixes or changes to it.
  • Audits of systems to check for compliance and correct installations methods and reports provided.

Energy efficiency solutions

We provide services for businesses, industry, home owners, electricians and registered electrical contractors with design, advice, implementation and installation for energy efficiency solutions, solar green energy technologies, electrical saving measures, energy management, building automation and lighting systems.

  • We design, supply and provide installation services for high end, top of the range solar hybrid battery systems and off-grid stand-alone systems, technologies and support to customers and the electrical industry.
  • We use and provide only the best equipment and materials to ensure a quality system, installation and longevity of the systems life and to therefore meet all your requirements, needs and expectations.

Our solar hybrid and off-grid stand-alone solar systems are of the highest quality and among the best in the world.
Due to these reasons and our commitment to this industry we do not provide any free advice or quotes to our potential customers. We can design and assist you with furthering your knowledge to help you make an informed decision, but we charge for all our time and services because these technologies are all time consuming and expensive to design, as well as costly to purchase.

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