Testing and Inspecting

We provide a licensed electrical inspector to conduct all your testing and inspecting.

We partner with registered electrical contractors and electricians to test, inspect and verify a vast array of different and complex properties and installations.

We conduct a specialized service that is open and friendly with great communication and personal attention for all of our customers and clients to provide the best service possible.

All the mandatory and required tests are conducted to meet all the Australian Standards, Acts, Codes, Requirements and Legislation for all types of electrical installations. Inspection services can consist of doing all the prescribed electrical installation inspection checks and tests, to consultations, advice and assistance for every project and installation.

We conduct all electrical testing and advice for all types and classes of prescribed electrical installation work. We employ licensed electrical inspectors and have access to inspectors who are licensed in all classes for every specialized area of prescribed inspection work.

Electrical inspector’s licences cover the following classes of prescribed inspections.

  • L and G licence in which comprises of 230 Volt and 400 Volt inspection work and now also includes the old S and R licences of Standby generation and Co-generation licences and Electric fences, used for security purposes licence.
  • Medical Inspections, body-protected and cardiac-protected areas.
  • Hazardous areas, Installations and controls.
  • High Voltage, Installations.

We also conduct specialized electrical fault-finding services alongside registered electrical contractors and electricians that deal with major electrical problems and faults of the electrical installation. Often, we can assist with faults that are extremely hard to diagnose and understand.

These testing and inspection services can involve electrical shock and electrocution investigations or assistance with diagnosing faults and problems of the electrical installation.

Some of these faults could be caused from such things as over voltage, under voltage, poor earthing or dangerous earth leakage currents from several various issues, causes and problems. We come to site and perform all the required diagnostic testing to have these problems analysed and rectified in a prompt and cost-effective manner.

We also test works that would be classed as standard electrical non-prescribed work when the electrician needs that extra helping hand to diagnose or understand hard and complex problems or just some extra training to meet your or your staffs testing requirements and needs.

Voltage levels in Victoria were lowered a few years ago for single phase installations from 240 Volts down to 230 Volts and for three phase installations from 415 Volts down to 400 Volts. This has implications on all sorts of things and calculations such as maximum demand, current calculations and usages and voltage drop to name a few.

We use the latest testers and testing technologies and procedures to test, inspect and verify electrical installations before energization of electrical supply.

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