Inspections for all types of premises

As an electrical inspection company, we conduct electrical inspection services for electrical installations of all types and sizes in Melbourne and throughout Victoria.

We test, inspect and verify all types of properties such as homes, units, shops, offices, factories, hotels, high rise buildings, medical facilities, building sites and work places to make sure that the electrical installation is safe and complies with all Australian standards and requirements.

Residential properties to Commercial and Industrial premises, we deal with them all.

Our testing, inspecting and verification services cover all types and classes of prescribed and non-prescribed electrical installation work.
Our experience and expertise are unsurpassed in the electrical industry. Premises that are new and under construction or old and being upgraded, we will assist you with all your compliance needs and requirements.

We provide verification services of electrical installations to best testing and working practices while conducting all of this work to the highest safety standards and quality of compliance by a licensed electrical inspector.

Our electrical inspectors work with Registered electrical contractors (REC’s), Electricians, businesses, consultants and home owners to ensure that your job, property or premises is of the highest standard of electrical work and compliance. When we are conducting inspections, testing, to giving advice and assistance to each client we will complete the job on time and in a cost effective and efficient manner.

We conduct electrical inspections and inspection services covering all types of premises and in all areas of domestic, commercial, industrial installations.
We provide inspections at various stages of the project or at the completion of the electrical installation work for auditing and compliance certification and issues.

Inspection services of Medical centres, Dental surgeries, Hospital, Clinics and the Medical, Health care and Aged care industries for body-protected and cardiac-protected area’s and electrical installations throughout Melbourne and Victoria.

We offer a full and complete professional service for all our clients while offering a confident and relaxed environment with all our staff. We can assist you with the paper work for filling out of the Certificates of electrical safety (COES’s) and Electrical work request forms (EWR’s) for the supply authority.

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