Professional Consultations

We provide consulting and inspection services to ensure ongoing electrical safety and compliance for each client and property.

A lot of our time consists of consulting services for electrical contractors, electricians, businesses, home owners and others to assist when extra expertise and experience is required for the electrical installation project. We are only a phone call away or even an email to get assistance on a project for consultations and advice.

We will assist you with electrical regulations, interpretations, local supply authority requirements and electrical retailer requirements. Assistance with Australian standards, the Victorian Electricity Safety Act 1998 and Victorian Electricity Safety (Installations) Regulations 2009 to meet or interpret the regulations, we are always able and willing to assist you.

Our highly qualified and efficient licensed electrical inspectors have the experience in dealing with a wide variety of buildings and types of electrical installations to be able to assist you with multiple projects, installations and contracts.

We are often called into help in the planning process from the start by electrical contractors, consultants and developers to make sure that your special project will go smoothly from start to finish for all your electrical needs and to make sure it is electrically and technically safe. We can also aid from concept and quote stage to final testing and energising for powering up of the electrical installation. We can assist with input from the design stage and specifications of the electrical switchboard, maximum demand cable and installation calculations, voltage drop, fault loop impedance considerations, calculations and testing.

We consult and assist electricians, electrical businesses, electrical personal, businesses and home owners to assist with their electrical works, jobs and projects. From site meetings to site inspections we deal with it all while offering a polite, courteous and professional service. Our service, electrical knowledge, expertise and the experience of our staff can mean the difference in a professional and cost-effective outcome for each customer and client on every project and job.

A lot of our time also consists with over the phone answering of technical help and advice for electrical workers on issues of compliance for AS/NZS 3000:2007 and all other relevant standards to assist with both prescribed and non-prescribed work, so as they can complete their work tasks they are currently performing or will be starting on soon.

We conduct and assist electrical contractors with prescribed installation inspection works and even non-prescribed inspections to cover all aspects of their electrical installation and we are also able to advise property owners on aspects such as compliance issues or to verify works that need to be done or rectified.

We are a company that promotes and engages in electrical safety and compliance of the highest quality and standards within the country.

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